Hell Sauce: A Mashup

Yes, this is a weird name for a blog post.  But it’s the title of my mashup that I did for my Desktop Production 2 midterm last spring.  Basically, a mashup is taking one or more songs and literally mashing them together (for additional reference, mashups are popular on TV show “Glee”).

For this project, we were given a list of songs to choose from, and the two songs I picked to mash together were “Hot Sauce” by Thomas Dolby and “Gonna Raise Hell” by Cheap Trick along with some instrumental loops that were provided for us.  I picked “Hot Sauce” for the fun spaghetti western intro, and I wanted it to combine it with “Gonna Raise Hell” because, well, hell is hot.

I used ProTools to create the mashup . I synced both songs to 120 beats per minute using Elastic Audio and the TCE tool, then I chopped them both up into usable chunks, and chose parts that I found interesting, arranged them into a pop song format, then automized the volume.  I found that the best way to mash up the songs were to use an instrumental part of one (or both) songs and then overlay vocal parts.  I kept the drums from “Gonna Raise Hell” going pretty much throughout the song; I wanted the whole song to be cohesive, to make it difficult to tell which song was which, and I believe this came across in the final product.

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