Cheers to the Weekend!

Hollywood Theater NE Minneapolis

What are you doing this weekend?  Kyle and I are going to take advantage of a free Friday night and watch the Charlie Chaplin film, “City Lights”.   Tomorrow I’m working on some projects at home (including my Sound Effects library – stay tuned!) and then I’m off to the North Star Roller Derby bout!  Here are some fun links for the weekend.  Hope it’s a great one and that you stay warm!

Aningaaq, the 7-minute companion film to Gravity, is very moving and worth the watch.  (Side note, now that it’s freezing out, don’t you want a pair of those fur pants? I know I do!)

Listen to what 100 copies of the Beatles’ ‘White Album’ sound like all at once.

Broken Bells has just released part 2 of their short film, ‘After the Disco’ in conjunction with their upcoming album.

Be friends with failure.

This is why you always clean your instrument!

Honeybees may be trained to detect cancer.  Now even more of a reason to protect the bees.

If you really like Christmas (and local artists), you might check out i like you’s annual ornament show tomorrow.

Song for Friday!  Feeling stressed?  Have water on the knee?  Have a cuppa tea.